AirLight Pro

AirLight Pro

The AirLight Pro Series of inflatable LED light towers offers professional-grade lighting for a wide spectrum of industries. Durable and powerful, the AirLight Pro casts light in all directions, illuminating a massive area in seconds. Our intuitive design is easy to operate and is the safest possible option for portable lighting.


Height: 12 feet

Weight: 64 pounds

Wattage: 860 Watts

Light output: 74,400 lumens

Voltage: 120V AC

Illuminate everything.

The AirLight Pro is unbelievably bright. Since the light source is powerful without being harsh, you have an illuminated area that extends from right next to the tower to 65 feet away. Over 13,000 square feet!

Safe and easy.

Set up only takes one minute. Move the tower into your intended position, remove the lid, and plug it into a power source. The tower inflates itself to its 12 foot height. The design of this light removes the dangerous heavy lights being suspended above heads found in traditional light towers.

The Heavy-Duty Receiver Hitch Mount is an optional attachment to the AirLight Pro and the AirLight Pro Max. It is both a rolling hand cart and allows you to securely transport and deploy the tower from a vehicle.